Friday, March 1, 2013

Inflatable arches for advertising

It is a important thing for the businessmen to make advertisements for their products, and this led to a new kind of advertising tools produced, it is inflatable arches. A photo if it is show follow. You can also visit this link to learn more about it.

 Inflatable arches
 Inflatable arches

From the picture, you can see that the inflatable arch is in a cute shape, and it express a welcoming expression. Its smiling shape can affect customers’ mood and drive them into a good mood. As a result, it can attract more people.

With this special layout, where is suitable for it to use as a advertisement? With the development of the society, there are more and more entertaining places for kids to spend their holidays, and there must be many entertaining facilities in it. It will be more enthusiastic to place a arch like this to welcome the visitors and the customers will feel comfortable and happy. It is a good thing that you can use it in a better. Here are some advices from for how to use it in a better way.

The same facilities are always put concentrated on a place. So they need a door to make a mark of them. The inflatable arches are the best choice. The inflatable arches can be placed in front of the facilities when it is blow up with air as a door. You can stick a card on the arches to introduce the varieties, function and usage about the facilities or put a sign around it. With the introductions, customers can know more about the facilities and play with it in a safely way. In the same time, the “welcome” on it and the cute shape of it can make the children more interested in it.

Not only can used on the ground, the arches also can be used in the sky when it is full of hydrogen or other gas which are lighter than air. At this time, the businessmen can put some message of their products on the arches and put them in the sky, but the word of it must be big enough that people can distinguish them. In this way, the arches can attract people’s attention, so the products’ message will show to many people, and it will bring more profit for the businessmen.

With the inflatable arches, the advertisement will be more succeed in selling products. More message is on

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A dancer not a human----Air Sky Dancer

   Dancer is a popular and common perform role in today’s art field. There are some leisure dancers who work in clubs or perform on the stage of some activities. Besides these performers, other people like to appreciate the dances because the dancers express their emotions through the actions of the dance. However, there is another kind of dancers which are different from this. It is the air sky dancer. More info here:

   This kind of dancer is made of PVC tarps and it looks like a human who has body, head, legs and arms. But one thing it different from human is that it is inflatable, and when the air blow off it, it will be oblate. The picture follow is one of them.

Air Sky Dancer

   Compared with other man-made dancer, the air sky dancer has many advantages, they can be list as follow.

   First, it is inflatable. Other man-made dancers often made with plastic, they have a fixed volume, so they take much room to place it. The inflatable one isn’t has this trouble. They can be set up with an air blower when they are needed. And at the time they are needless, they can be fold up by deflating the air in it, then they take a smaller room to place.

   Second, it is the same with other inflatable dancers. This kind of dancer is so light that they are easy to transport to the places where are need it. What’s more, it is inflatable is a reason for it can be transported easily.

   Third, it is made of the advanced and durable PVC tarps material, so it is not easy to be broken and can be used for a long time and for many times.

   Fourth, it can be used in many occasions. The Disney theme parks, the kindergartens and some outdoor activities are suitable because the air sky dancers have different shapes and expression. Especially in the kindergartens, kids are curious about it and have interested in it, it can help teachers to make the children calm down when they are naughty. There is one more important thing that the shapes and color of the air sky dancers can arouse children’s imagination and creation. This is helpful for kids’ growth.

Fifth, it has different sizes, the big one, the medium one and the small one, different sizes are suit on different usage. For example, the big one can use in a park to attract the children, the medium one can use as a decoration in your house and the small one can be a toy for kids to play with.

It is a miracle dancer!