Thursday, December 20, 2012

Inflatable balloons with different appearances and sizes for advertising or decoration

inflatable balloon
inflatable balloon
Inflatable balloon is a kind of ball which is filled with a kind of gas in it. When it is full of the air, it is has no float in the air. While there is a kind of gas which is lighter than the air in the balloon, the balloon has a float by the air and it can float in the air for a long time till the gas in it is blow off. What’s more, the inflatableballoons are a good decoration for parties, ceremonies or some other activities.

    In the follow picture, there are many small size inflatable balloons tied together and there are in different colors. All of them are make into a shape of arches with one color after another, they looks like a rainbow in the air and make a beautiful visual sense. They also can be made into different shapes, like the shape in picture two. So, when it is used as a decoration, you can make them into the shapes that you like with your imagination.

For the advertising, the inflatable balloons can play an important role. The big size one is a common use one. Like it showed in the picture, they can float in the sky over the tall buildings when they are filled with hydrogen or helium. With a big volume, the big size inflatable balloons have large superficial area when they are blow off. So you can print many messages about your product or your activities on it and let it float in the sky to show people the messages. If you are worried that the words will be too small to see when it is float high, you can use a bigger one and print the words in a big size. The colorful shapes also make the inflatable balloons attractive when it floating in the sky.

    It is the entertainment’s turn. Not only can be use as a decoration and advertising tools, the inflatable balloons also can be made into toys, just like they show in the picture. The balloons can be made into different shapes of animals. When they are full of air, they are plump and vivid, like a real animal. For the kids, this kind of toy feels soft, so they will not hurt the kids.
      With the advanced material as its material, the inflatable balloons are durable, they can be use in many other ways.

Inflatable air dancers are welcome in advertising

Air Sky Dancer
Air Sky Dancer

It’s very common to see all kinds of advertising around our life, such as on TV, on the internet or on the street. Advertising can help consumers know more about the products and creative advertisement will catch customers’ attention without doubt. Our company also has designed many kinds of creative inflatable advertising products which have satisfied a lot of clients, such as inflatable balls, inflatable arches, and inflatable advertising models and so on. And do you know our inflatable air dancers are also welcome in adverting?

As a great amount of advertisement are flooding into people’s life, people always ignore even are disgusted with those advertisement. So a kind of creative and amusing advertising will catch people’s eyesight. Our inflatable air dancers are just such advertising products which can achieve the desired result. If you don’t believe what I said, following I will tell you more details on them.

Do you know what the inflatable air dancers look like? Now look at the picture, it is one kind of the inflatable air dancers.

We have plentiful designs and all of them are unique and novel in shape, which are absorbing enough to draw a lot of interest. We also have manufactured different color and size styles and we make both of them be customized according to clients’ requirement. What’s more, we can print the logo or the text on the surface of the inflatable air dancer. 

Then how can the inflatable air dancers appeal to people? Apart from the advantages mentioned above, the most interesting thing is that they can “dance” in the air, just as their names imply. When filled with air with air blowers, they can stand on the ground firmly while their bodies can swing in the air, just like dancers dancing elegantly. Imagine the scene; it’s interesting, isn’t it? So there is no doubt that inflatable air dancers will be welcome in outdoor advertising.

Since inflatable air dancers are widely placed in outdoor for advertising, it’s necessary to guarantee the high quality of the inflatable products because it is also one of the most important things that satisfy clients. I ensure that our inflatable air dancers are cost-effective because they are made of the best durable material which made them of high tear strength, water-proof and cold weather retardant. Thanks to these characteristics, they can be used for a long period in outdoor as though in bad weather.

   Now, as a businessman who wants to advertise for your company or products, the inflatable air dancers may help you take people’s attention.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Iconic global products made with inflatable balloon

Balloons are very common in our daily life. It can be used as a decoration on some dance parties and some performances’ spot, or be used as a game tool. Expect the balloons which are very common in many occasions, there is one more kind of balloon can be used in other ways, it is inflatable balloon.

During the geography classes, teachers need some teaching tools to assist his teaching, so the teaching modes are important. Inflatable balloon can be made into an earth model and used in a geography class which is talking about the earth, the world. What’s more, this kind of balloon has different sizes. Teachers can use the big earth model to show the earth in the front of the classroom, and student can use the small one to know more about the earth or world map by themselves. This can make a more impressive impression on the students and they can easier to learn geography.

As for the chemistry lesson, the little inflatable balloon also can be used. Chemistry is a course that introduces the microcosmic world for us, so it includes many numerators. In the chemistry class, it will be difficult to understand the principle of the chemistry reaction and the structure of the numerators. With the inflatable balloon numerator models, teachers can demonstrate the process it the reaction for the students, it will be vivid and easier for students to understand.

Not only can be used in these ways, it also can be used as a toy for kids. You can print some pictures of animals on it to show some animals characteristics to your little babies. When kids are playing in the water in summer, it can be a water ball for kids to play.

It can be used in these ways, then what makes it can be used in these ways? This is owing to its unique characteristic. It is made of the advanced PVC tarps material. The characteristics of its material make it soft, inflatable and durable. So you do not need to worry that the models or toys are flimsy and will hurt your children.

Where can Inflatable Arches be used?

Nowadays, inflatable products are becoming more and more popular among many kinds of people. Inflatable toys have catch children’s attention; inflatable water games have brought more fun for those people who like to play in the swimming pools; inflatable tents and other daily products have brought convenience for people. Today, I’m glad to introduce you another kind of popular inflatable product---inflatable arches.

Inflatable arches, made by PVC, are durable enough and can be used for long time. Inflatable arches are easy to install, so it won’t cost you much time. In addition, inflatable arches have a lot of colors as well as different and unique shapes. The manufacturer even can produce new kind of inflatable arch as you like.  

Of cause, different inflatable arches can be used in different places, for advertisement, celebration or increasing festival atmosphere. Here, are some places where we can often see inflatable arches.

In front of the gate of a shop to open, there is usually an inflatable arch. It can not only attract the crowds, but have a meaning of auspicious beginning of a new enterprise. Certainly, the shopper can choose a festive one and decorate it with some balloons, which may help to form warm atmosphere.

In wedding place outsides, there may be an inflatable arch decorated with colorful heart-shaped balloon and beautiful flowers. Try to imagine the scene: The groom and the bride walk through the inflatable arch, hand in hand, with smile on their faces. How romantic the scene is! What’s more, this also means they will make progress together in the future.
In some places, such as children’s parks, inflatable arches may play the role of doors, guiding children to enter the funny world. Now, can you think of some other places we can see inflatable arches?

A new way for advertising—Air Sky Dancer

Air Sky Dancer
In today's society, advertisement is full of our life as flood. More and more people are accustomed to turn a blind eye and hearing without listening to advertising. What's worse, some people come round when they see the advertisement. How can we attract consumers’ attention with unique means has become the problem that advertisers eager to go to solve. Fortunately, we have the inflatable air dance, which gives the advertisement a new way.

Air Sky Dancer is usually made of Plato PVC Tarpaulin and PLATO PVC Tarpaulin is the best PVC Tarpaulin material in China. This kind of material decided it has many hardware measures that other advertising products can't have, such as strong airproofs, bright colors, novel and unique shape, refined material selection, not fading, not come unglued, without leakage, easy to wash, durable for long period and so on. Its color can be what you like because you can print anything you want on it (such as the product name showed on the first picture), which can achieve good advertising effect. The design is diversity too. It can be two feet air dancer, clown inflatable air dancer, air puppet (as the second picture showed), air dance blower and so on. Especially, We also can produce the inflatable obstacles course as your design, size and colors. 

Next, I want to introduce one of the Air Sky Dancer’s biggest features: swinging. Yes!!! Through the drum wheel blower controlling the access to his current, we can make his body sway with gas in the process and swaying amplitude decreases as the gas velocity of speed and amount of how many changes. Seen from a distance, it is like a dancer who is on the air and dancing to the wind. At the same time, because of the unique material, it will send the sound of shasha vujacic, as his dance with music. What a fascinating scene! It is not hard to imagine what a big sensation it would cause. Children will be attracted by its bright colors, the magic swing and spontaneous voice. Adults would be attracted by the sight never be seen before. If someone didn’t want to come at the beginning, he would be pull by their children in tow or be attracted to round the crowd of view so as to come to see this thing. After all, curiosity is owned by everyone when he was born. Till now, we needn’t to worry about whether the advertisements are success or not.

In fact, there are still many kinds of things being similar to the Air Sky Dancer, such as inflatable balloons and inflatable arches. No matter which, it must give you an amazing effect of publicity. It is a new and great way for advertisements. Just have a try.