Thursday, December 20, 2012

Inflatable balloons with different appearances and sizes for advertising or decoration

inflatable balloon
inflatable balloon
Inflatable balloon is a kind of ball which is filled with a kind of gas in it. When it is full of the air, it is has no float in the air. While there is a kind of gas which is lighter than the air in the balloon, the balloon has a float by the air and it can float in the air for a long time till the gas in it is blow off. What’s more, the inflatableballoons are a good decoration for parties, ceremonies or some other activities.

    In the follow picture, there are many small size inflatable balloons tied together and there are in different colors. All of them are make into a shape of arches with one color after another, they looks like a rainbow in the air and make a beautiful visual sense. They also can be made into different shapes, like the shape in picture two. So, when it is used as a decoration, you can make them into the shapes that you like with your imagination.

For the advertising, the inflatable balloons can play an important role. The big size one is a common use one. Like it showed in the picture, they can float in the sky over the tall buildings when they are filled with hydrogen or helium. With a big volume, the big size inflatable balloons have large superficial area when they are blow off. So you can print many messages about your product or your activities on it and let it float in the sky to show people the messages. If you are worried that the words will be too small to see when it is float high, you can use a bigger one and print the words in a big size. The colorful shapes also make the inflatable balloons attractive when it floating in the sky.

    It is the entertainment’s turn. Not only can be use as a decoration and advertising tools, the inflatable balloons also can be made into toys, just like they show in the picture. The balloons can be made into different shapes of animals. When they are full of air, they are plump and vivid, like a real animal. For the kids, this kind of toy feels soft, so they will not hurt the kids.
      With the advanced material as its material, the inflatable balloons are durable, they can be use in many other ways.

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