Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A new way for advertising—Air Sky Dancer

Air Sky Dancer
In today's society, advertisement is full of our life as flood. More and more people are accustomed to turn a blind eye and hearing without listening to advertising. What's worse, some people come round when they see the advertisement. How can we attract consumers’ attention with unique means has become the problem that advertisers eager to go to solve. Fortunately, we have the inflatable air dance, which gives the advertisement a new way.

Air Sky Dancer is usually made of Plato PVC Tarpaulin and PLATO PVC Tarpaulin is the best PVC Tarpaulin material in China. This kind of material decided it has many hardware measures that other advertising products can't have, such as strong airproofs, bright colors, novel and unique shape, refined material selection, not fading, not come unglued, without leakage, easy to wash, durable for long period and so on. Its color can be what you like because you can print anything you want on it (such as the product name showed on the first picture), which can achieve good advertising effect. The design is diversity too. It can be two feet air dancer, clown inflatable air dancer, air puppet (as the second picture showed), air dance blower and so on. Especially, We also can produce the inflatable obstacles course as your design, size and colors. 

Next, I want to introduce one of the Air Sky Dancer’s biggest features: swinging. Yes!!! Through the drum wheel blower controlling the access to his current, we can make his body sway with gas in the process and swaying amplitude decreases as the gas velocity of speed and amount of how many changes. Seen from a distance, it is like a dancer who is on the air and dancing to the wind. At the same time, because of the unique material, it will send the sound of shasha vujacic, as his dance with music. What a fascinating scene! It is not hard to imagine what a big sensation it would cause. Children will be attracted by its bright colors, the magic swing and spontaneous voice. Adults would be attracted by the sight never be seen before. If someone didn’t want to come at the beginning, he would be pull by their children in tow or be attracted to round the crowd of view so as to come to see this thing. After all, curiosity is owned by everyone when he was born. Till now, we needn’t to worry about whether the advertisements are success or not.

In fact, there are still many kinds of things being similar to the Air Sky Dancer, such as inflatable balloons and inflatable arches. No matter which, it must give you an amazing effect of publicity. It is a new and great way for advertisements. Just have a try.

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